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We are amid a huge communication Evolution! Social Media has really taken the world by storm and often times can be very overwhelming specially when you are trying to use Social Media as a tool for Social Selling. It is a successful  trend to develop and build relationships with your customers and use networking as a part of sales process. It’s really all about communicating with the right people at the right time.

A well planned and implemented social media strategy can:

  • Builds brand awareness.
  • Prove to drive new business.
  • Increase customer retention and build loyalty.
  • Improve customer experience with your brand.

From Reputation Management and monitoring to increasing Customer Engagement, our Social Media Strategies truly spells the Magic!

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Did You Know?

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  1. About 2.7 Billion Facebook users, over 400 million Twitter users and over 600 million Instagram users seek out and discover new products on their favourite social media platforms.

  2. LinkedIn boasts 530 Million members with 106 Million active users at any give time.

  3. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo use social media engagement as an important factor in ranking businesses on search results.
Social Media Strategy

How to develop an effective social media strategy to increase your business?

Look out for these important questions to ensure your social media channels are highly effective:

  • Is your social media strategy aligned to your overall business objective?
  • Do you know how and where is your target audience spending more time and on which network? In short, knowing which channels work for your company.
  • Is your content Social Media Optimized with a healthy mix of unique and third party content? Understanding science of posting and promoting the right type of content on the right network to the right audience.

Our Social Media Services

We are a Social Media Marketing Agency in Victoria, BC. Our comprehensive social media marketing services get you the targeted quality traffic through a well-thought, creative Social Media marketing plan.

  • Onboarding and Social Media Branding
  • Regular Posts with highly creative and engaging content
  • Competitor Research and Social Selling trends for your industry
  • Link Building
  • Reputation Management
  • Effective use of Infographics
  • Strategically optimized Social Media Contests
  • Positioning your social media aligned to your business goals.
  • Focus on Metrics like: Clicks to content, leads generated, sign-ups, conversions, revenue generated, share of voice, sentiment, community growth and many more shortlisted as per your business objectives.
  • Analytics and Reporting, giving you insights and suggestions based on your web traffic.

Our team of innovative and creative social media marketing consultants work with you to first get to know the  social media trends in your industry and keep a close watch on the social media content consumed in your line of business. Based on your social goals, we choose the right social media metrics that is well integrated to your overall business objectives.

Let’s work together, to unleash the power of your social media channels and give your business the boost it deserves!

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