Why is it Important to do ON-PAGE SEO for Search Engine Rankings?

Ever wondered that how search engines work? How does the search result exactly match the topic you searched for? You might have also got a thought that how google knows what information I was exactly needing. There are numerous questions about Google and how the searches work, and the answer to these is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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A technical process under which a set of operations are carried out in order to improve the quality, appearance and positioning of a website is called Search Engine Optimization. On-Page SEO is a process of making adjustments and alterations within the website to increase its reach quality and make it more discoverable. A perfect on-page SEO is when your website matches the relevancy with the topic searched. With frequent updates in Google algorithms, it has become challenging for website owners to meet the essential requirements of the algorithms. Webpages that are ranked high organically, are considered as the authentic result of On-page SEO practice.

A good ranking is backed by On-Page optimization

To achieve this, it is important to keep the following tips in mind.

Title optimization

An essential aspect while optimizing your web page is the title. A stand-out title makes your webpage stand out! For the visitors to recognize your business and your brand, the page’s title should be highly descriptive. Technically, your title and tags are the first to be filtered by the search engine.

The content of your page

It is all about the content on your page. The quality content. Period. It is the most crucial factor when it comes to On-page SEO. When a visitor clicks on the link, it redirects him to the landing page where the main content relevant to the topic searched is present. At this point keyword, stuffing can fail your website rankings. Google’s criteria of algorithms do not accept too many or repetitive keywords, and this can decrease your rank in the search result pages. Quality content that is laconic and easily understandable with minimal use of primary, secondary and long-tail keywords is a good practice of On-page SEO.

Improve images and other media

From the user experience point of view, if your website takes a long time to load, it fails to provide the best experience. Your users expect a quick and responsive website. The media elements in the website usually generate this issue. Generally, websites tend to work slowly because of the media files such as videos, audio or images, which consume a lot of space because of their sizes. To avoid this, media and image optimization are processes wherein the video’s size and resolution and other files can be compressed without deteriorating their quality. There are a vast number of compression tools available from where this problem can be mitigated. Using Simple and understandable images or infographics is highly recommended for the perfect user experience.

Avoid keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing can worsen the ranking of your website. When a keyword is overused in the website, the crawler spots the issue and sends an alert to the algorithm, relegating the rank of your website.

Build Internal Linking

Building a strong internal linking structure within a website is a good strategy for On-page optimization. A link with an effective and eye-catching anchor text can make visitors click on it and redirect to the destination page.

What Is the Importance of On-page Optimization?

Here are some important points:

Helps in increasing website traffic

This is the cheapest method of publicizing your website to your audience. With just minimal cost and by authentic means, your website is visible to more and more people. These people can visit your website and can turn into your paying customers in the future.

Highly cost-effective

If your website lacks traffic, it can generate a high amount of traffic with just a few simple fixes and strategies. The chances of turning from potential to paying customers also intensify to a greater degree.

It is highly essential for brand growth

On-page SEO can gradually increase your web page’s ranking if done properly. With more visitors, your website can gain more visibility and recognition. This way, you get more reach and increased search engine ranking.

Targets your audience

Generating traffic and targeting the right set of audiences is the primary goal of SEO. When your page is optimized considering a specific set of audiences and interests, it becomes easy to reach your website because it provides the only solution to their queries.

It promotes you on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

Who doesn’t want their business name to get searched online? Proper On-page SEO inclines the possibility of a website becoming easily discoverable. Usually, when people search their required topic, they’re likely to click on the very first or at the most 3rd link they see before them. These are the links that are backed by highly strong SEO tactics. A perfect SEO practice can get your website found easily whenever a search is made that relates to your brand.


On-Page SEO is a highly cost-effective and lucrative approach that boosts your website’s search engine ranking, thus making it broadly discoverable.

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