Google Updates Are Killing Websites

What Can You Do in 2020?

There have been reports where a range of websites have experienced a traffic drop of up to 40% since the last Google update. This is huge, especially if your website’s performance depended on organic traffic.

Google has been making changes to its algorithms since the very beginning. It’s only this time that it has not cared to provide any specifics about the recent changes it brought to its search engine. Google says that the updates brought are routine. But, you have got to start worrying when the traffic-driving strategy you’ve been using for years suddenly stops working.

So, what exactly should you do if your website suffered a drop in traffic recently? Well, there are two basic things that you can do to make sure your website is at the top of its game. Let’s quickly discuss them so you have something that you can work on to push your website to the top.

Good SEO practices are still foundational

The news that websites are getting penalized for their bad SEO practices is real. SEO practices are still foundational to the success of any website today as it provides the website with a perfect baseline to work on. However, we would not recommend readers to make it their end goal.

Google algorithm updates

The end goal has to be relevancy, uniqueness, and consistency of content creation on your website. Google cares about what content you produce on your site and how well it answers any user’s questions. Frankly speaking, there are many top ranking websites that are slow for a variety of reasons.

So, does that mean technical SEO doesn’t matter? Well, it does. It matters how the crawlers see your website, it matters how the audience feels when it lands on your website. Google does care about that as well.

Relevance comes before optimization

Let’s talk about the Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) update that people really want a discussion on. Google’s quest to better understand natural languages without the intervention of keywords is something most webmasters are worried about.

The problem is that BERT is making the sites pay the price for overusing keyword in the content. Google’s idea of drifting away from the keyword-centric world of SEO to a more content-centric world is commendable.

But, the websites that already have tons of keyword-centric content are bleeding due to that. So, what can you do? Create the most natural and relevant content without having to force keywords into it.

Google isn’t the ‘Be all and End all’ of traffic

It’s important to have this discussion. Yes, Google is the largest search engine in the world. Yes, it handles more than six billion queries every single day. But no, it’s not the only source of traffic available. It’s time you take a holistic approach towards improving your website traffic while putting in the effort to create quality and relevant content that is shareable across the Internet. Also, it’s not safe to build your business on someone else’s platform, right? So, focus on creating kickass content that deserves the top spot.

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