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5 Reasons You Need a Responsive Website Design

Whether it is a static or dynamic website design, e-commerce, or a blog website design only meant for people residing in Victoria, BC, or not you need responsive web design, not because it is special to have or criteria for having a website.

Let’s get it straight, why you need website design in the first place is for people to come into your circle and see for themselves what you are offering. 91% of internet users use mobile devices to go online, with the average screen size of about 5.6 inches, these users want to get everything on their device, visible and easy to navigate.

There are website design victoria, BC that offers a good price for the quality and responsive websites.

When you have a website that isn’t responsive, you tend to drive away traffic from your site because the user experience is bad. Let’s hint youof the figure on how much you might be losing, there over 3 billion smartphone users globally, and 91% of internet users use mobile devices to go online with an average screen size of about 5.6 inches. Then you decided not to have an unresponsive website design, which is unrepairable damage, as your audience would shift to the next site that is your competitor, who has decided to have a responsive website design and waiting to get hold of your target audience.

In need of responsive website design? Let a website design agency in Victoria, BC handle your need, with the many web design agencies in Victoria, there are still quite a good number of web design agencies in Victoria that offers a good price for the quality and responsive websites.

When you let the right web designing agency do some justice to your website plan you get a finished work of art that is completely responsive, SEO ready to attract your target audience. As the world continues to go digital and with the advancement in technology, everything is becoming smaller in time, responsive web designing isn’t different from the global change, as it is the way to go. Call up a web designing agency from Victoria today and be happy you did!

Aside from responsive web design trending amongst web design agencies in Victoria, here are some good reasons why you should get responsive website design;

  • Alexa and Google rankings –To get better on your website ranking with Alexa and Google search results you will need to up your user experience, which is having a responsive website that retains users when they visit your website. According to Search Engine Journal, an online magazine on SEO news and updates, states that Google prioritizes responsive website design as its standard for mobile configuration, and can be viewed as the industry best practices.
  • Aids Optimization – Not having a responsive website design means having two separate web design approaches, for different device types, which also require separate optimization. That is a lot of time and money. Having a responsive web design serves the same content on any device format, so also one SEO plan can go for all, which saves time and money instead.
  • Expensive to run – Managing the same content on the different devices can be tiring and would cost you extra charge for having to build a website design for laptops, and mobile phones separately. So why waste so much time on the same content, when you can just have your contents respond to whatever device they find themselves in.
  • Reduces your bounce rate – Responsive website design let your visitors stay more on the site, as every contents and button not only becomes visible, but also are placed right in the face of your visitors, exactly where they want them to be, so it becomes easy to go through and click, or read more. Unlike unresponsive websites, visitors become easily irritated not knowing what to do or where to go, which eventually leads to a high bounce rate.

Though there are a lot of web design agencies in Victoria, remember your website design needs a professional touch and one who knows better how to serve it responsive.